Executive Board


Kala Lacy

Hey! Im Kala Lacy, 2012-2013 BSU Co Chair along with my really good friend, Ria Johnson. I’m currently a 3rd year Psych and SoBeh major, French and AfAm double minor. My greatest interests and passions include BSU, and Black issues in general, and art, specifically painting, tattooing and other body modifications, and performance art pieces. You can always find me in the Cross Cultural Center, the Rosa Parks House, or driving the UCI Shuttles. It seems I’m known most for my afro and revolutionary ideals. Get to know me, yeah? KLacy

:: mlacy@uci.edu

Ria Johnson

My name is Ainaria but I’m called Ria for short. I’m a 4th year African-American Studies major with a Women’s Studies minor. I have been involved with BLAC Gala, was on BSU board last year, and I’ll be living in the Rosa Parks house for the 3rd time. I work at a movie theater, if you trynna go let me knowwwww and my screename for everything is RiaRadness. Creep on me if you want ;)

:: ainariaj@uci.edu

Executive Secretary:

Rashida Blade

Hey there!!!! My name is Rashida Blade your BSU Secretary and I am a fourth year here at UCI. I was a transfer student so this is really my second year here at UCI and honestly I’m still a little new to everything on campus. I am an English major, with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in African American Studies!!! I am originally from the Bay Area and I work at Victoria’s Secret as a supervisor for the cashiering team. I’m always involved in something and running around getting my hands into some sort of activity or event…. I love staying busy. I’m a very open minded individual and I LOVE to eat!!!

:: rblade@uci.edu


Mummee Mohammed

5th Year, majoring in African American Studies, International Studies, and Political Science. Also the Co-Chair for both Black Educated Men (BE Men) and the Ethiopian Student Association (ESA) while being the Community Outreach intern at the Cross Cultural Center and a regular contributor for the quarterly Umoja NewsMagazine. I’ve been through it all here at UCI, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with anything. You can catch me at the Ele Si Rosa Parks house or at the Cross Cultural Center. Ready/Waiting for the Revolution.

:: mmohamme@uci.edu

Coordinator of Events:

Dominic Bell

Hey guys! My name is Dominic, but you can call me Dom for short or any variation of the name. This year I will be a Junior here at UCI and I’m double majoring in both Environmental Science and Social Ecology. I really enjoy doing yoga in my free time just to keep myself relaxed and I have also been a vegetarian for a while now, so I can assure you I’m pretty calm. If you see me around and want to say hello just do it, I’m pretty easy to get along with. See you at the meetings!

External Outreach

Ayana Baines

My name is Ayana Baines. I am a 2nd year Sociology major who knows how to have a good time…after studying of course!  I love to reading, hanging out with friends, watching movies, eating delicious food and listening to music. I am also an intern for 100 black college women.

:: bainesa@uci.edu