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Hello All!

Monday’s meeting will be the official BSU Board for 2012-2013 elections. Voting is for MEMBERS ONLY. If you made it to part one of elections last Monday, and are a member, we STRONGLY encourage you to participate in part two, the final segment of the race.

Good luck to all candidates! 

week 3


This week BSU hosted our own version of Family Feud. The “Red” family and the “Black” family” worked hard to answer questions and successfully discover what “survery says”. In the end, by giving the most responses to questions such as:

-what do Black people do for fun?
-Name a Black film director
-Name a Black female music artist
-and more!

Although they were 3 points shy of winning the grand prize in the lightening round, the Red family prevailed! Congrats guys!

week 2

This week we recapped the I AM Rally and tried to compile everyone’s feelings and thoughts about how it all played out. Overall, I’d say we did a fantastic job! Along with that, we talked about antiBlack violence both historically and why it’s [still] profitable today. The overall consensus was that action must be taken, our voices must be heard!

week 1

Welcome back Black Anteaters!

We brought everyone together with BSU’s rendition of the classic TV show “The Dating Game”! After an icebreaker in which partners had to connect various body parts [a twisted version of musical chairs] we had three rounds of contestants all vying for one lucky lady’s or man’s affection. Questions were thrown their way and soon, only one was chosen!
In between rounds the audience had a chance to win various contraceptives by answering sex education questions. Consensual-safe-sex is the only sex we promote!

Pics of happy “couples” coming soon! BSU love connects all day- you’re welcome!